August update

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Welcome to August! We hope everyone had a good July. Here’s your monthly update!


We are continuing curbside appointments due to the COVID-19 situation


Please continue to call ahead when ordering food and/or medications and when you arrive for your appointments.


Vaccine and wellness appointments are currently booked out until the middle of September.


We currently are only open EVERY OTHER Saturday and are NOT doing any boarding at this time, except for holidays.


The same as last month we are still EXTREMELY busy with sick patients as well; we are trying to squeeze everything we can in but with currently only one doctor and a limited support staff there are only so many pets we can see in one day.


We have been referring patients to the emergency clinics. We understand this can be frustrating, but it is for the best interest of your pet if we think they need immediate care, intensive care (ICU), oxygen therapy or emergency surgery.


We do offer drop off service if no appointments are available but these also fill up quick. These are for appointments that need to be seen sooner rather then later but are not an emergency at that moment. They are booked out about a week at this time.


The phones still haven’t stopped and are still ringing off the hook so please be patient if you're on hold longer then normal.


If you leave a voicemail for the doctor please give her 5-7 days to get back to you!

We hope to get back to you sooner, but we just can’t guarantee it with how busy we are.


Thank you again for all of your patience and support, stay safe and healthy.